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We would like you to consider taking the time to advertise with Babe-Directory.com. We think that your business, if it is at all related to the adult entertainment industry, or if it simply appeals to adults who make their own commercial decisions, can really benefit from working with us. Our customers benefit from seeing advertisements that put them in touch with goods and services that will benefit them, and this makes our website more valuable and more interesting to them. Our advertisers, however, enjoy a much more thorough benefit, and it’s one that can only be accomplished here, at an escort site like Babe-Directory.com. Let us explain.

What is advertising? It’s an attempt to let people know about a product or service that you would like to make money selling, which you think those customers would benefit from buying. Every successful product identifies a need and then seeks to solve that need. Some products, in fact, are very obviously “solutions in search of problems,” because they don’t address a perceived need and thus seek to persuade you that you have a problem you didn’t know you had (and now you need to solve it by buying that product). But when a product successfully addresses that need, customers buy it because it is a solution to some problem they have, or it addresses a perceived lack in their lives. Well, the hard part about advertising is that especially if your product is a specialty item, not something that the majority of people use or consume, a lot of the people who see your ad are not potential customers for your product. For example, if you take out a billboard to advertise your new MP3 player, there will be a lot of people who see that ad who are not in the market for MP3 players and are not interested in buying it. Your ad is thus wasted for many of the people who see it.

The Internet and the popularity of social media sites has given rise to a new form of advertising, and that is targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is more efficient and less expensive than traditional blanket advertising (in which you take out an ad in the paper, or put up a billboard, or broadcast a television or radio commercial) because it is an attempt to more accurately find and advertise to an audience of people much more likely to buy your product. Just like the advertisements during a children’s show are targeted toward toys and toward things that parents (who might also be watching) would buy, targeted advertising online is an attempt to find a receptive audience so that the number of people who say “Yes, I will buy” is much greater than it would be for the general population. Targeted advertising is more efficient and more effective, allowing you to spend less money while reaching more people and selling more products as a result.

Advertising with Babe-Directory.com is a way of helping your business reach a built-in, targeted audience of adult consumers who are already predisposed to buy “adult entertainment” type products. If your business is at all peripherally related to adult entertainment, or even if it simply appeals to the types of men and women who would be shopping at our site to book an escort, we think advertising with us could help you immensely. By placing an ad with us, you can much more efficiently reach a pool of people who are more likely to buy your products because, since they are already visiting Babe-Directory.com, you know that this is the type of product they are likely to buy. And we can make certain demographic conclusions about the types of men and women who are going to book with Babe-Directory.com, and use these demographic conclusions in determining if our site is a good match for your advertisement.

So what do we get out of making our pages available to you for advertising? Well, we get exposure. Just like signing up for affiliate sales helps a site get more traffic and thus sell more goods and services, when we open up our pages to advertisers, we help ourselves to create greater reach. Our goal, after all, is to serve as many clients across our various territories as it is possible for us to serve. We need to reach our customers and our potential customers. Word of mouth is great advertising, but referrals from other advertisers for related services is also a very good way of letting people know that your company exists and that you would like to help people meet their consumer needs. Another ancillary benefit to us is that it helps create even more satisfied customers, because even if someone comes to our site and doesn’t end up booking a date with one of our beautiful escorts, he or she may still see an advertiser whose product or service he or she can use. Thus this potential customer comes away from Babe-Directory.com, perhaps through traveling to a different site on the web, and is satisfied at having found a product or service that is useful to that person. The gratitude and positive customer relations that this generates makes everybody happier, extends our ties to other related businesses in the industry, and generally helps us build a network of related businesses (at one time people used to call those web rings) that all have the same goals. We are all in this business together, after all: We all want to make our clients happy, bring them pleasure, fulfill their fantasies, and send them home satisfied.

Please take the time to contact us today and let us know the product or service you would like to advertise. We will do everything we can to help you determine if your product is a good match for Babe-Directory.com, and if it is, we will arrange terms that are mutually acceptable.

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