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Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, Nevada boasts the largest population of any city in the state. Located at Clark County, this incredible city is famous all over the world for its incredible nightlife, gambling, and the party atmosphere. The city is perhaps best known for the slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It dominates the state and is the city that everyone thinks of when they think of Nevada. There is no greater entertainment city worldwide (Vegas actually markets itself as the world’s “Entertainment Capital,” nor will you find larger hotels with casinos structured and marketed more luxuriously. While it is known for its party lifestyle, Las Vegas is also becoming a popular location for retirees, and while it is the largest city (in terms of population) in Nevada, it also ranks about 30th in terms of population across the United States itself. It is one of the top ranking locations in all of the country for things like trade conventions and business meetings. The greater Las Vegas area itself also boasts more Triple A hotels with a 5 diamond rating compared to any other city, across the entire planet Earth. As a result, Vegas is known to be one of America’s foremost cities when it comes to hospitality. As you might expect, it is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world.

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