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Heat-soaked Miami is one of the world’s premier party and nightlife cities. This jewel on the shores of the Atlantic is one of the 50 most populous cities in the United States. Home to well over four hundred thousand people, it is also one of the biggest urban centers in the United States. The greater Miami area boasts more than five million residents, all of whom are soaking in the sun and enjoying the nightlife in this incredible American city. Miami is also one of the world’s international trade centers and a thriving hub of culture, entertainment, and business. The majority of its citizens speak Spanish, and the city also houses a very large population of Americans of Cuban heritage (given the city’s proximity to the island of Cuba). Commercially, Miami is home to a very large number of international banking concerns, not to mention many national and international corporations that call Miami home. There is a great deal of development in proximity to Miami’s Civic Center, including medical and research facilities, biotechnology concerns, and other medical ventures and hospitals. Miami is also a port city that boasts some of the planet’s biggest and most extensive cruise operations. Its port is incredibly busy with freight, cruise line, and passenger vessels.

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