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Additional Info

  • City: Chicago, Illinois
  • Entertainment Type: Escorts
  • Phone Number: 10490875
  • Age: 20
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 5ft 7in - 170cm
  • Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
  • Cup size: 34C
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Nationality: United States
  • Weight: 125 lbs

Dazzling Mystique considers herself a great listener, and thinks this is the only skill that matters in personal relationships. She loves going out to new entertainment venues. Concerts are her favorite, but she also likes comedy clubs. She is very good at finding new, unconventional places to go and enjoy. She thinks that people who stay home are wasting an opportunity when they could be exploring the world around them. She also believes that the greatest sin every person can commit is to waste the precious time he or she is granted in life. She was happy to tell us more about her personal philosophy.

“It’s in this Indian holy book,” she says, looking down at her nails as she does so, perhaps embarrassed by her own introspection. “It says that the mystery of life is that people die every day, but the rest of us, we live like we think we’re going to live forever. Like our own mortality can’t ever touch us. Or maybe we don’t think about it at all. Maybe we just live in a state of denial, where we refuse to think about the future, because we think there will always be time later. I think that philosophy, that idea that there will always be time later, is probably one of the most awful things people can do to themselves, ever. It trains them to put off today the things they should do today, and maybe they never even get around to those things. Then, when their short lives come to an end, either at the end of their natural course, or maybe through some tragic accident, they and their families are left with nothing but regret. I can’t stand the thought of having my life flash before me at the end of my life and thinking that I regret the things I haven’t done. You don’t ever want to get to that point when you’re out of time and wish there was more. We always fool ourselves into thinking there’s going to be more time, but time that you waste, you can’t ever get it back. It only goes in one direction. It’s not something you can collect. You get a set amount of it and then you just run out, and that’s all there is. How sad is that?”

“Because life is short,” Mystique adds, “I think we owe it to ourselves to take advantage of every minute. I think you should treat every minute you have available to you as a precious commodity. You should never think, ‘There will be time later.’ You should always think, ‘There might not be time later.’ I had an aunt and uncle who lived together in a pretty modest little place. They weren’t rich, but they did okay. They both worked, and they didn’t really like their jobs all that much, but they didn’t hate them. They were getting up there in age. My uncle had always worked, and my aunt had always worked at least part time. They didn’t know any different. They even came into a little bit of money that was left to them by a relative in the family who passed away. They were probably just going to keep going like that, sort of living day to day, with everything staying the same all the time, when something that could have been a terrible tragedy happened. My uncle got some medical results back that were inconclusive, but if they had been positive when the final results came back, it would have meant that he was out of time. He might have had only weeks left to him, if that was really the case. Well, thank goodness, those inconclusive results turned out to be a testing error. He was fine. It was a huge relief. But it gave my uncle a reason to consider how he had been living his life. He wasn’t enjoying it. And he was getting close to retirement age. He had gone his whole life just toiling away, but he had never really enjoyed himself.”

Mystique goes on, “I wonder about that a lot. I wonder about what he must have been thinking about as he contemplated his health scare. But I know what he eventually decided to do. He and my aunt sold everything they owned, just gave up their apartment, sold almost everything that didn’t have sentimental value, and put the rest in storage. Then they made arrangements to use the funds they had to retire and travel. Now, a few years later, they’re kind of tired of living like nomads, and they’re starting to talk about maybe settling down and finding another apartment. But now, if that’s what they do, they won’t have to wonder. They won’t have to regret the things they never did. They’ll have gone out and done them. They’ll have embraced their desire to travel and see the world. They’ll have a whole bunch of new memories to keep them company, too. I think that’s wonderful. I think they deserve a lot of credit for having had the courage to go out there, do the things they had always wanted to do, and be able to check that box, so to speak.”

“A good escort has to have that same quality,” Mystique says. “She’s got to be able to embrace, not just change, but opportunity. She’s got to be willing to live her dreams. That’s what I do, every single day. I live my dreams. I have this endless party to attend. No matter what day it is, when I get my schedule, I have a endless amount of enjoyment ahead of me. It’s my version of traveling the world, except I’m not waiting. I’m not going to get to the end of my life and then scramble to make my dreams come true. I’m living my dreams now, and so I know that if anything happens to short-circuit what I’m up to, I’ll have had what I wanted when it mattered.”