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Additional Info

  • City: Dallas, Texas
  • Entertainment Type: Escorts
  • Phone Number: 10490875
  • Age: 19
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 5ft 7in - 170cm
  • Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
  • Cup size: 32B
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Nationality: United States
  • Weight: 125 lbs

Elegant Maria enjoys playing frisbee golf, a popular “park” activity. She also plays soccer. Sexually, she enjoys role play. She stays in shape by walking a treadmill for hours at a time, and is proud of her stamina. She believes she is one of those girls who is uniquely cut out for the party lifestyle of being a Babe-Directory.com escort, and she thinks that the future of relationships in the United States will be something a lot closer to what she does for work that the way that things are now in this country.

“This is the part where I make a play on words about my name, and how I raise the Maria in the thermometer,” says Mercy wryly. “Except that I don’t think most people even realize that thermometers have Maria in them. Do they? I don’t know. I do know that whenever the temperature allows, I spend my time at the park. I like parks. I think of parks as very happy places. In part, I think that’s because a park is like this little oasis of green in the midst of a bigger area that is developed. The biggest and most jarring contrast is in places like Central Park, but that’s true of any park. And I love parks because they’re happy places. They’re the sorts of places where children play, and where couples take long, romantic walks. I really like that. I like any place on Earth that is full of happy vibrations like that. I think every place should have a park. I think every home should have access to a yard. I think human beings need that kind of greenery in their world, need a link to that kind of contact with the Earth. I think when we take the time to make those greenery connections, everybody is happier and healthier. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not some kind of hippie. I don’t believe in hugging trees or in celebrating earth Day, although I have nothing against it. I just think that every human being is better off when he or she can take some time to disconnect from the concrete and technology jungle all around us and just enjoy the outdoors. If he or she can do with his or her kids, that’s even better. When I’m at the park, I love to see families out having fun. I’m too young to settle down, myself, and I have no plans right now to raise a family, but when I do, I like to think that this is how we would spend our time off, too. I like to think we’d come to a park and play games and be active. I hate the thought of all those kids out there who are not active. They lead sedentary lives connected to their computers, and to their laptops, and to their video games, and I wish they could get out more. I think kids don’t play with toys enough anymore. They don’t play sports. They don’t go outside and enjoy the world. Kids a couple of generations ago did nothing BUT go outside. And these days... it’s a different world. Parks are one of the few places in the world where you see those kids still enjoying themselves with their families the way kids once did. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy going to the park so much.”

Another reason that Maria likes to go to the park has nothing to do with wholesome family activities and everything to do with the chance to enjoy the warm weather. “I don’t think of myself as a tease,” she says, “but I do enjoy going to the park when the weather is really warm. I like to wear the smallest outfit I can get away with, like a bikini top and a pair of short shorts over the bikini bottom, preferable a thong. If I can hike the shorts down, or get them small enough, so that it’s obvious that I’m wearing a thong, that’s even better. I like to go out to the park and take a lawn chair and a blanket and a book from the library. And then I will just lie there in the sun and soak in the rays. I use sun block, of course, and sometimes I will slowly apply the sunblock, rub it all over my belly and my legs and my chest. The whole time I’m doing this, of course, I pretend I don’t see anybody. I pretend and I act like I’m the only person in that park. But I know I’m not. All around me in that park are men who can see me there. They can appreciate my body. Some of them are out by themselves, and I like the frank and honest stares they give me. Some of them are there with their wives or girlfriends, and I don’t begrudge them stealing a good look now and then. I like the attention. I like their eyes on me, their desire. I like knowing that my body is so hot that they can’t help themselves, and they actually risk the dagger stares from their significant others because they took the time to look at me. You can look at me as long as you like. You can drink me in, for all I care. If you’re out with somebody, though, it’s probably better if you don’t get caught. Use some subtlety, guys. Whenever I see a man at the park wearing sunglasses so dark you can’t see his eyes, especially if he’s walking with another woman, I just assume he’s stealing a look at me. I make sure to choose that moment to shift my position on my blanket or my lawn chair, really get my sweet little behind up there in the air so he can get a good look at that and my legs, or turn over so he can see my stomach and my chest. He deserves it, doesn’t he?”