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Vibrant, exciting, soaked in sun and heat... this is Miami, one of the world’s premier party and nightlife cities, and one that Babe-Directory.com is proud to service in booking escorts. This glittering jewel on the shores of the Atlantic is one of the 50 most populous cities in the United States, and home to well over four hundred thousand people. In terms of the size of its greater metropolitan area, Miami is also one of the biggest urban centers in the United States. The greater Miami area boasts more than five million souls, all of whom are soaking in the sun and enjoying the nightlife in this incredible American city.

A thriving hub of culture, entertainment, and business, Miami is also one of the world’s international trade centers and a highly ranked city for cleanliness and sustainable development. It is also an extremely affluent area, ranking among a half dozen of the richest cities in the United States. One fact about Miami is that the majority of its citizens speak Spanish, and the city also houses a very large population of Americans of Cuban heritage (given the city’s proximity to the island of Cuba). Commercially, Miami is home to a very large number of international banking concerns, not to mention many national and international corporations that call Miami home. There is a great deal of development in proximity to Miami’s Civic Center, including medical and research facilities, biotechnology concerns, and other medical ventures and hospitals. Miami is also a port city that boasts some of the planet’s biggest and most extensive cruise operations. Its port is incredibly busy with both freight, cruise line, and passenger vessels.

Known as the nation’s cruise capital, Miami is also a major port for the transportation of freight in and out of the port of Miami. Millions of passengers are served through the port there, and in terms of sheer tons of cargo moved in and out of the port, Miami ranks second in the United States. Because of all the imports that come from China (the nation of China is a major exporter to the United States), the majority of cargo that comes into the port of Miami comes from the Chinese.

The History of This Incredible Southern City

There was a time when the area of southern Florida that we now know as Miami was home to various native American peoples, such as the Tequesta Indians. The Tequestas lived in the area for many centuries, centering near the Miami River. In the sixteenth century, the area was claimed for Spain and a Spanish mission was established. From that point, both Great Britain and Spain asserted some degree of control over the area. It was Spain that relinquished control of the Miami area to the United States in the nineteenth century, and eventually the United States established a Fort called fort Dallas. This was part of a campaign to displace the Seminole Indians in the area and eventually lead to wars with the Seminole people.

According to Wikipedia, in the later nineteenth century, the Florida East Railway Company invested in significant development in Florida and the Miami area, and Miami – taking its name from the river on which it sat – became a city just before the dawn of the twentieth century. It was during the 1900s that a number of American citizens from northern states moved to Florida, which saw a boom in the Miami area during the roaring twenties. Near the end of the twenties a hurricane devastated the region, and the Great Depression of the 1930s also caused considerable hardship where development of Miami was concerned. This all changed, though, with the advent of the second World War. Because Miami was strategically positioned in the southern United States and on the coast to boot, it was a natural location for defending the United States from German u-boats. Thanks to activity centered on World War 2, Miami’s population swelled. This would not be the first time that world conflict had a significant impact on the development of the city and surrounding area.

The rise to power of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro in the late 1950s prompted many Cubans to flee the island nation and go to Miami. This continued to swell the population of the city and also caused a great deal of business development. The confluence of all this commerce, the hot climate, the influx of immigrants (both legal and illegal, many of them from Central America and Haiti), and the general booming tone of the 1980s and 1990s saw a great deal of turbulence in the Miami area. Regrettably, the city became briefly associated with drug wars and other economic pressures. Hurricane Andrew also did it no favors, wreaking a great deal of destruction. As the twentieth century closed out, though, Miami bounced back, and today is known as a thriving hub of culture, business, art, and international finance. This is a testament to the resilience of the citizens of Miami that this thriving urban center bounced back from a variety of ills in order to become the incredible urban center that is today. And this type of city is the ideal location for you and your beautiful escort to take on the town. When you book with Babe-Directory.com in Miami, you are given the opportunity to experience one of the most famous and dynamic cities in the world, all with a beautiful woman on your arm to share the experience and impress any and all who see you. This, we think, is the primary reason you would book with us, and the opportunity of a lifetime if you happen to be in the city on business or for vacation, and even if you live locally in this area. Whether local or tourist, we are here to serve you, and we will not let you go away disappointed.

Exploring and Experiencing the Vibrant City of Miami

Miami’s various neighborhoods are part of what give it the distinct local flavor that we come to associate with this world-class city. Downtown Miami, rather than being situated directly in the city center, is shifted more to the right as you look at the city on a map. Among the neighborhoods encompassed by the downtown area are Port of Miami, Watson Island, Brickell, and Virginia Key. Downtown is also where Miami’s massive commercial area is located, and this is where a tremendous number of international banking concerns make their homes. Downtown also has a surprising number of other facilities that range from tourist sites to parks, schools, and residences. In close proximity to the downtown area is the Civic Center, which is where hospitals and medical research facilities can be found. Southern Miami includes theaters and playhouses and a historical area that boasts some very old houses and residences, while northern Miami, by contrast, includes the midtown district. This area is racially diverse and hosts a number of artists and other characters and is kind of a cultural center. Western Miami is where famous Little Havana can be found, and the area has also drawn a huge number of immigrants from Cuba and Central America. This whole vicinity is highly multicultural.

In terms of climate and weather, Miami is a great place if you like summer fun and beach activities. It is technically considered tropical, which means that winter is almost nonexistent, while summers are wet and humid and they are very, very hot. Sitting at sea level (obviously, since it is a port city), Mimi averages winter temperatures that are pretty much what you and I would consider “room temperature,” while summer sees plenty of days in the 90 degree range Fahrenheit. As you can imagine, there is also plenty of rain, but Miami’s weather is generous with the sunshine. There is the danger of hurricanes, of course, and the season runs from summer until winter. Given this, it’s not surprising that Miami also houses the National Hurricane Center.

Thanks to the beautiful weather that keeps Miami warm and sunny most of the time, you have your pick of outdoor activities in Miami, ranging from scuba diving and boating and sailing to fishing, laying around the beach, and engaging in any number of beach sports and entertainment activities. You can visit the Miami Seaquarium if you’ve a mind for something indoors that is also family friendly. Miami also has a great zoo.

More than half of the population of the Miami area speaks Spanish as a first language, which means that knowing Spanish is of tremendous help when you visit this diverse city. Most residents of the city tend to toward being bilingual, and as of the most recent census figures, there are fewer and fewer people in the Miami area who speak only English.

The city is economically very well positioned. Its local economy produces a gross metropolitan product that ranks among the best in the world and very nearly in the top ten in the United States of America. Major corporations that call Miami their home include Bacardi, Benihana, Burger King (until recently, as Burger King has announced that it is moving to Canada), Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Corporation, Carnival Cruise Lines, Telemundo, Seaborn Cruise Lines, Caribbean Cruise Lines, and many others. One of the reasons that there are so many cruise lines headquartered in Miami is because the Port of Miami lends itself so well to warm-weather cruises. Miami and is warm weather, sunny days, and beautiful women has, in fact, become somewhat synonymous with the cruise lifestyle, encouraging tourists to book their cruises from Miami and make visiting the city part of their vacation experience while they are at it. Quite a few companies with ties to Latin America also operate from Miami because of the close geographic proximity.

The skyline of Miami is a very impressive one, and a lot of buildings and skyscrapers have gone up over the last decade and a half. Among those who somehow manage to rank how impressive various city’s skylines happen to be, Miami ranked in the top three, losing out to only Chicago and New York. The eighth tallest building in all of Florida is located in Miami. Part of this impressive development is due to a land boom that took place during the 2000s, during which the housing market expanded and construction soared. When that housing bubble burst, a great many foreclosures resulted, but the city, resilient as ever, bounced back. While there has been a great deal of crime and violence in Miami, the city remains a vibrant tourist area. The Port of Miami and the Miami Airport are incredibly busy, seeing traffic from all over the world enter and leave the United States from the Miami area. The Port of Miami is also instrumental in the area’s economy, seeing millions of passengers travel through it. The Civic Center also boasts a tremendous concentration of medical and biotechnology concerns.

The incredibly important tourism industry in Miami includes all of the city’s convention halls, festivals, its sandy beaches covered in beautiful, sun-soaked women, and the international banking concerns in the city’s financial district. One of the most luxurious nightclub areas anywhere in the world is called the Art Deco district by the locals, and it is right there in South Beach in Miami. The Miami area also hosts various food and wine festivals, car shows, and other tourist attractions. Other attractions include the Carnaval Miami, the Calle Ocho Festival, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, and the Florida Grand Opera. A number of theaters and concert halls dot the Miami area, including the Knight Concert Hall, the carnival Studio Theater, Peacock Rehearsal Studio, the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, Coconut Grove Playhouse, Lincoln Theater, Colony Theater, Actor’s Playhouse, the Jackie Gleason Theater, the Wertheim Performing Arts Center, and the Fair expo Center. Music in the area is very diverse and includes the FIU School of Music, the Miami City Ballet, the Florida Grand Opera, the Miami Wind Symphony, the New World Symphony Orchestra and New World School of the Arts, and plenty of fashion areas. Local music benefits from the cultural heritage of those who bought music like the rumba and conga to the area, and Haitian immigrants have brought their own local music. From Dominican immigrants, the area has seen the merengue and bachata, while Columbian visitors brought with them the samba and other local variations. Caribbean immigrants have further brought music like calypso, steel drum, and reggae to the Miami area, enhancing its rich cultural landscape.

Miami is, in fact, a tremendously important cultural center when it comes to popular music. Everyone has heard the songs “Thats The Way I Like It” and “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine Band, and this is part of the disco sound unique to Miami that started to take the music scene by storm in during the disco boom of the seventies. Everyone associates the Bee Gees with the disco boom (before the tremendous backlash that essentially killed disco. Well, the Bee Gees have lived in Miami ever since 1975. Then, of course, there is the Miami Sound Machine, which is arguably a Cuban sound. You may not know it, but such rap and hip hop groups as 2 Live Crew, Rick Ross, Pitbull, and Freak Nasty are classified as Miami music and hail from the area. Pitbull is probably one of the most prolific examples, as he seems to be everywhere in popular entertainment and frequently calls back to his Miami heritage during his performances.

Absolutely one of the most vibrant and almost notorious aspects of Miami’s music and entertainment scene are its nightclubs. Starting in the 1980s and continuing through the nineties and even into today, Miami’s reputation is absolutely intertwined with the hottest clubs and warehouse raves, not to mention various music festivals, featuring music that ranges from traditional dance and party music to more electronic and specialty music.

Tourists interested in taking in a tour of a local museum in Miami will not be disappointed. There are numerous museums from which you might choose. These include the Miami Art Museum and Children’s Museum, the Miami Science Museum, the Frost Art Museum, the Miami-Dade Cultural Center, and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

Are you interested in taking your lovely lady out to sample some of the local food of the Miami area? You cannot possibly be disappointed. Just imagine the nightlife that you can experience when you hit Miami. Miami is such a hotbed of fun after dark that it has been the subject of hot pop songs. When you go out on the town in Miami with a beautiful woman in your company, you’re going to be the toast of all who see you. Dance the night away in the club of your choice, moving your body to the beat and, even better, enjoying watching her move her incredibly sexy, graceful form across that dance floor. It’s an experience like no other when you sample the incredibly fun atmosphere of Miami and its nightlife, especially when you do it with a Babe-Directory.com lady. Our Miami ladies are very familiar with the club and party scene in Miami and, in fact, they are practiced members of the party lifestyle. When you think about it, this just makes good sense, because the life of an escort is one long party. Every day, when they are “on the job,” our ladies are really making themselves available to be taken out on fabulous and fun dates. What could be more “party lifestyle” than that, always being on call to go out and have a good time? When you do take our ladies out, that’s what we want you to have: a good time, in any venue that makes you happy, from restaurants to night clubs to movies and whatever else makes you enjoy your time. Your satisfaction is our number one guarantee, and what better place to sample the entertainments that the evening has to offer than fabulous party-down Miami? It is for this reason that Miami is one of our most popular party venues and one of the sites where we do our bookings. We serve this area because Miami needs the party people we provide. And Miami is one of the best places in the world for casual fun, not the least of which reason is that it’s so often hot and wet there. Think about it: What puts you in a party mood faster? Is it cold weather, or is it hot, wet weather, the kind that makes the sweat drip down your body... and hers? We think once you’ve seen one of our Babe-Directory.com ladies dancing it up in a nightclub, sweat pouring down her beautiful curves, showing you everything she’s got to offer a willing man, you will agree that you shouldn’t book with any other agency. We’ve got you covered, and we want you to take one of our luscious ladies out on the town in Miami for a night that both of you will long remember. Each one of our girls is more than prepared to take on the night in style, and happy to spend her time with you. All our girls value our customers and understand how to treat them with respect and discretion.

Getting Around Miami

As a passenger and pedestrian you have your pick of public transportation in the major city of Miami. Public transportation in the city is the purview of the SFRTA and Miami-Dade county’s transit department. You have your pick of the Tri-Rail, a Metrorail, and the Metromover elevated people moving system (which is free and also has multiple lines across nearly two dozen stations) . There are also plenty of buses, which move about under the name Metrobus. Nearly one in five people who live in Miami regularly use some aspect of the public transportation system there. Metrorail is a particularly interesting option. It’s an elevated train like the L in Chicago, with multiple lines and two dozen stations around the city. Using the Metrorail you can get in around the city across multiple residential areas, business areas, the international airport there in Miami, the Civic Center, and of course downtown Miami. You can also use Amtrak to get to Miami and through it, and Amtrak has two lines that run all the way from Miami to New York City.

You can also get around Miami by car, of course, and Miami is one of those cities whose road systems have been planned according to a numbered grid system that helps make the whole affair more logical and more easily interpreted by drivers and pedestrians. If your street is found north of Flagler Street in Miami and west of Miami Avenue, it will include the designation NW. The city’s four quadrants, NW, SW, SE, and NE, therefore correspond logically to where the various streets are in relationship to downtown Miami (although the quadrants are not of equal size because downtown is not located squarely in the center of the city). Typically, if a road follows the grid pattern, it is named with the term “Street,” while those that don’t are considered “roads.” In this way, if you are making your way through the city, you can easily interpret a map to give you some kind of prediction of what you are looking for.

Sample More of Everything Miami Has To Offer

Once you hit the streets in Miami you’ll notice that things are distinctly and uniquely different there. Every town has a language, a local language, accent, and dialect that is unique to the area and helps make up part of the local charm. Miami is no different. With all of the people in the area who are of Hispanic descent, and all of the Cuban Americans, you’ll find some very distinctive tweaks to speaking English when it comes to Miami. The accent will seem slightly familiar and slightly foreign all at the same time, and there is a distinct influence of Spanish (as you would expect, with so many people in the area who speak Spanish as a first language or who have been influenced by those who do). This isn’t surprising. Everywhere you go in this life, you’ll be confronted by local dialects and distinct vocal flavors to the way the locals talk. We think this is part of Miami’s distinct charm. In some cities in the United States, you could easily be anywhere else, and you never really feel like you’re visiting someplace new. When you visit Miami, by contrast, things like this make you very aware that you’re visiting a new city, with new and different customs compared to what you are used to, and aside from the party lifestyle that you could easily start living out while you’re in Miami, you can also just sample those day to day differences. It’s a great way to get to know a new place and to enjoy a remarkable difference from the status quo. This is yet another reason to book a Babe-Directory.com escort when you visit a new city like Miami. Why not try out all this great new variety with the enticing new variety of a beautiful young lady to spend time with you?

Once you are out with your date we think you’ll agree that Miami has a great deal to offer just about any visitor, at any time of the day or night, regardless of which activities are your favorites or what you intend to do when you’re out on your date or spending some quiet time at home. Thanks to all the different melting pot cultures that make up Miami, the food in Miami is diverse and exquisite, sure to excite and tantalize. There are multiple types of cooking that are specially linked to the Miami area, including a combination of Floridian and Caribbean cooking that is very popular all around southern Miami. There are even entire food chains devoted to distributing this type of “Floribbean” food, and we think you’ll really enjoy the unique tastes and flavors associated with it. But the fun and food of Miami does not stop at this type of cuisine. Remember, when you are visiting Miami, you are visiting a city that sits directly on the Atlantic Ocean, and that means that you’ll have access to some wonderful and wonderfully fresh seafood . There are more restaurants that specialize in fresh cuisine from the sea than you can shake a stick at, and of course Miami also offers some very large chains that are well represented because they happen to be headquartered in Florida.

Don’t forget that Miami also offers the delights and distinctly cultural flavors and smells of Little Havana, that refuge from Cuba to the south. There is also a distinctly Cuban flavor to much of what is available in Miami, thanks to the influx of Cuban immigrants to the area. These immigrants have brought to Miami’s food scene a variety of items, from croquetas and Cuban espresso to a distinctly Cuban sandwich item call the “medianoche.” Distinctly and uniquely Miami foods like this have become sort of symbolic of Miami’s food scene overall, and one major attraction when it comes to drawing people to the city to enjoy everything incredible that it has to offer. It doesn’t matter where you stop to eat in Miami, because you’re going to find some examples of this distinct cuisine through the city as part of your visit, and the local flavor of the area will charm you and overwhelm you with just how incredible it is. What could be better when on a date with a super-hot lady than something distinctly spicy and vibrant like Miami’s local foods?

There’s an incredible amount of entertainment available in a major city like Miami, as you might expect, and Miami itself has figured prominently in various television shows and movies. The sultry setting of Miami is in fact a popular one for many different stories and storytellers, and there are more than a few unscripted programs that film in Miami as their direct location. Telemundo is headquartered in Miami for obvious reasons, and so Miami is also a central hub of many Spanish-language television shows that cater to the audience of people who would like to watch television programs in Spanish, which probably means it is their first language. When visiting Miami and getting to know the local culture, this affords you an excellent opportunity to practice Spanish, both listening to it and learning to speak it, as you take in the local television programming and also hear the locals speak to each other. How exotic it is, in a matter of fact way, to achieve the kind of bilingual casual familiarity with English and Spanish that characterizes the locals? We think you’ll enjoy the opportunity and, when you visit Miami, you’ll be wowed by the chances you have to embrace and immerse yourself in a new language.

Of course, Miami has more than made its mark in popular culture, and we know that you’ve heard of the city many times, especially when you watch television programs and when you use other forms of entertainment. Have you ever played the version of the famous Grand Theft Auto video game that is set in a fictional location called “Vice City?” Well, this is obviously a play on words, as “Miami Vice” was a famous television show that was based in and filmed at least in part in Miami. It was tremendously popular and had a very big influence on the fashion and popular culture of the 1980s. The city of Miami and the culture of Miami was an integral part of that cultural influence. Of course, when it comes to films, Miami has also been central. Who could forget drug kingpin Tony Montana in the movie Scarface, which is definitely a tribute to Miami’s culture (albeit also a nod to some of the more lurid drug war crime problems that plagued the city in the past).

Miami is famous for its sports programs for good reasons. There are plenty of college teams, for example, such as the Miami Hurricanes. The city of Miami also boasts a National Basketball League team, the Miami Heat, and a National Football League Team, the famous Miami Dolphins. In the National Hockey League, Miami can also lay claim to the Florida Panthers, and David Beckham has a Major League Soccer team there. Professional car races have taken place in the streets of Miami, such as for the Grand Prix and the Indy Challenge. Miami can also lay claim to the Miami Marlins and the Florida Panthers.

It’s Time to Take on Miami With Your Babe-Directory.com Escort!

What better or more sun-drenched locale could you possibly imagine for your next Babe-Directory.com booking than glorious Miami? We understand that, thanks to Miami’s busy business culture and centrality to a variety of commercial and passenger travel, there are plenty of reasons you might just be visiting the city. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a business traveler, a tourist, or a full-time resident of the greater Miami area. Or maybe you live in Florida but haven’t had a chance to visit Miami proper before. Well, we’d like to encourage you to wait no longer.

Contact us now and book your fabulous Babe-Directory.com escort. Take one of the most beautiful women you will ever meet in person out on the town to enjoy all the entertainments, culture, cuisine, fun, excitement, and adventure that Miami has to offer. There is absolutely no reason to delay, unless for some reason you think that you should wait to start having the time of your life. This is the moment to embrace the opportunities available to you. Are you going to be in Miami on business? Are you going to visit Miami for vacation? Are you passing through the area for some reason? Do you live locally right here in fabulous Miami? If this is true, if any of these facts and conditions apply to you, it’s time to get down and have some fun! Why would you avoid spending time with a beautiful lady like the ones we can provide to you? Why would you waste even a minute when you could be booking one right now? Maybe you don’t’ want to sample the night life. Maybe you don’t want to hit the town.

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