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Additional Info

  • City: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Entertainment Type: Escorts
  • Phone Number: 10490875
  • Age: 22
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 5ft 7in - 170cm
  • Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
  • Cup size: 34C
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Nationality: United States
  • Weight: 125 lbs

Tantalizing Magnolia enjoys bicycling and aerobics. She is a big fan of fetish play. She also enjoys watching basketball on television. She considers herself neither naturally dominant nor naturally submissive, but she has definite ideas about what she likes and what she doesn’t in her personal life.

“I like all different types of men,” she explains. “I like variety. But also really enjoy a man who knows how to take what he wants. I like a man who has very strong opinions about where he is going in life and how to achieve his goals. I do, however, believe in giving other men a chance. Say I meet a guy who hasn’t always been as assertive, well, that’s okay. What I try to do, when dealing with a man who hasn’t always been as assertive as he might otherwise have been, is give him reasons to be confident. I make it clear that I’m on his team, that I’m on his side, and I would be happy to encourage him. I am going to help him get everything he wants out of our date together. When we go out together, when I am on his arm and making everyone around him wonder how he landed such a gorgeous lady, I get chills knowing I’m raising his value in the eyes of the people who see us together, including both women and men. Being seen with a lady like me can really make a guy look good. I’m aware of that and I play to it.”

Magnolia is very proud of her body. “Men love a good, rounded rear end,” she explains. “I know that’s one of the classic things men are supposed to like. A lot of guys like a taut tummy, and there are plenty of guys who are absolutely and completely obsessed with breasts. There are also leg men, and it’s hard not to begrudge a man an appreciation of a finely sculpted and toned pair of legs. I think on some level, when a man sees a beautiful woman, he is really thinking about how much he would like to put his hands on her. On some very ingrained level, no man can help that. It’s where the phrase ‘undressing you with his eyes’ comes from. If you have ever seen a man just looking you over, licking his lips and letting his eyes wander up and down you, you’ll understand it. It’s the way a man’s hunger for your body just compels him to stare. It’s why all men enjoy looking at women. Have you ever wondered about that? A guy can be with a really great looking lady walking side by side with him, and that lady could be his girlfriend or his wife, but when a sexy half-naked girl walks by, he’s going to want to look. Depending on how disciplined he is, he may not look obviously. Or he might just openly stare, and she might too, depending on what kind of relationship they have and how much fun she is. Personally, when I’m out with a man, either a work client or someone in my personal life, if I see a smoking hot chick walking down the street, especially if she’s half naked because it’s warm or we’re at the pool or something like that, I’m going to expect him to stare. How could he not? You have to let a guy be a guy. It’s cruel to expect him to be anything else, and the two of you are just going to fight if you don’t recognize that.”

Magnolia explains that she enjoys being an escort, but the main reason she enjoys it isn’t so much the party nature of the job, but the people component. “I like going out with new people,” she says, “and getting paid to party. That’s not a bad gig at all. But the reason I like being an escort is really because I have the power in that relationship. I am the person who is at the heart of the service, the escort itself. I have the ability to say yes or no to the interaction. And I am the center of attention when my date and I do go out. Being an escort means being empowered. And it also means pleasure. I go out with a guy, I put on my skimpiest, slinkiest dress, and we have all the fun in the world. We party all night long. The dawn comes up and we finally decide to call it a night. That affirms the power that I have in the relationship. And one day, maybe, I’ll take this show on the road. We’ll see.”

Magnolia goes on, “I’ve always kind of wanted to see the world, although I haven’t done nearly as much of it as I might like. I’ve been to a few places though. Every time I go, it expands my perspective. It gives me more to go on when I’m making judgments about the world. If you’ve spent your whole life in just one country, all of the things you think about the world beyond your nation’s borders are probably half-truths and misconceptions, created by watching television and absorbing news third-hand. That’s not how I want to do things. I want go out into the world and meet new and exciting people. I hope some of those people include new and handsome men. When I take dates out, either here or abroad, I hope that I can make it clear to my dates that they’re in control. They’re the ones leading the adventure and I’m taking my cues from them. I am focused on the client as well, so I have to do a good job and I have to make sure he gets what he needs from me.”

Bicycling helps Magnolia stay in shape, but she only took it up recently, and she admits that there was a learning curve. “I was really rusty,” she admits. “It was a challenge.”